The Northern Province covers a large area of the northern half of The Main Island. Unique for its nature and unusual diversity, visitors will enjoy the opportunity to do as little or as much as they like. This five day trip is one of our most popular New Caledonia package and allows you to quickly see the best of what New Caledonia has to offer. The best way to do this is to have its own car to discover it all at its own pace.

New Caledonia Experience - Self Drive

Land Only Private Tour - Self Drive

Duration : 5 DAYSPrice : FROM $840Country : NEW CALEDONIA
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The heart of Voh, New Caledonia
The Local People: 341 Kanak tribes are spread across New CaledoniaPrenium Bungalow, Koulnou VillageKoniambo Hotel, KoneWest Coast, New CaledoniaHienghene, Stockman bétail Boulouparis

The Northern Province covers a large area of the northern half of The Main Island. Unique for its nature and unusual diversity, visitors will enjoy the opportunity to do as little or as much as they like. Go diving, meet the locals, hiking or perhaps explore the open plains of the west coast and the tropical waterfalls on the east. The best way to do this is to have your own car to discover it all at your own pace.

Included in the price

  • 1 night at La Nea Hotel Kone (Bungalow)
  • 1 night at Koulnoue Hotel Hienghene (Premium Bungalow)
  • 1 night at Tieti Hotel Poindimie (Tropical Bungalow)
  • 1 night at Evasion Hotel Sarramea (Bungalow)
  • 5 days Rental Car (206 / C3 / Clio or similar)
  • BONUS - Buffet Breakfast Daily!

Day 01: NOUMEA / KONE (274 km)

Pick up your rental car. You’ll meet the rental car agent in the lobby of your hotel. Each car provides unlimited kilometres and basic insurance. In the morning you’ll depart to the north of the Grande Terre. You will discover the West Coast, the « Caledonian Far West », with its large livestock farming domains and its hills covered of niaoulis. Upon arrival in Bourail, drive to the magnificent beach of Poé where you can eat at the seaside campsite. On the way to Poé, we advise you to make a detour to the natural sites of the Roche Percée and the Bonhomme de Bourail, a surprising monolith with a « human face », shaped though time by the waves. The Roche Percée belvedere offers a breathtaking view on the Bourail pass, the Green Island (Île Verte), the Turtles Bay (Baie des Tortues), and other large white-sandy beaches surrounded by majestic Cook pines. Drive towards Koné, capital of the Northern Province. Night at the lovely La Nea Hotel (Bungalow)

Day 02: KONE / HIENGHENE (120 km)

Buffet breakfast at your hotel. Take the morning to settle in and do whatever you like. We suggest discovering the ‘Heart of Voh, made famous by Yann Arthus Bertrande. You can also hire a guide to take you up to Mount Karepec to enjoy the spectacular view of the lagoon. In the afternoon, you will travel across the superb Koné-Tiwaka transversal road that will take you to the East Coast. The road is lined by mountain torrents and numerous vantage points. You will discover the magnificent mountains with their peaks and the tribes niched in the valleys. You will arrive in Hienghène from the South. As you arrive, the road is lined with Lindéralique rocks – massive cliffs of black limestone that can reach 60m tall – that are characteristic of this area. You’ll arrive at Koulnoué village for the end of the day which will give you time to think about booking an excursion the next day. You can choose to eat in the hotel, or if you’re feeling bold why not venture out into the village? The Koulnoué Village hotel is 10kms from Hienghène, in a beautiful coconut plantation by the water. A large choice of free activities are available at your hotel: outdoor swimming pool, golf practice, tennis court, kayaks or snorkeling. The reception of Koulnoue Village will also offer extra activities such as diving, trekking, having a tribe experience or horse riding… Night at Koulnoue Village (Premium Bungalow)


Buffet breakfast at your hotel. The third day features an optional excursion from your hotel – an easy bush walk accompanied by a guide who’ll tell you about all the different species of fauna you’ll encounter along the way. The track will take you to the Lindéralique lagoon where you’ll board a motorised pirogue (or a zodiac) to see the famous limestone rocks close up and learn about their magical legend. If you have time, why not also take the time to visit Hienghène village? Once the home of Jean-Marie Tjibaou, the village has a fascinating museum which will help you learn more about the area. Another option is the Belvédère – by far the best point to see both the spectacular scenery and the rock formations in Hienghène Bay. From here you can look out onto the Broody Hen and the Sphinx in the Centre of the bay. In the distance is Mount Panié, New Caledonia's highest peak (1,628m). Lunch is not included, but meals are available on location. In the afternoon, take the road to Poindimié which is the central point of the East coast. Drive along the coast road with its rivers, valleys and views over the lagoon. Night at Tieti Hotel (Tropical Bungalow)

Day 04: POINDIMIE / SARRAMEA (208 km)

Buffet breakfast at your hotel. ​ Leave the East Coast in the morning and head south in the direction of Sarraméa via the Houailou-Bourail traverse road. This very picturesque route goes along the waterfront, takes you through several villages and tribes and over the mouths of majestic rivers before climbing up and over the ‘La Chaîne’ - the mountainous relief that stretches from the north to the south of the Grande Terre – at the Col des Roussettes (Fruit Bat Peak). The road then descends into the grassy plains of the West Coast. Suggestion n°1 - If you like, you can experience nature at the Parc des Grandes Fougères (Great Ferns Park) – entry fee not included. This park is situated in Farino, the least populated and highest settlement in New Caledonia. It offers a diverse range of ecosystems that are crowned by large tree ferns. There are many pathways throughout the park for walking or biking. There are no cafés in the park so you will need to purchase your picnic lunch (not included) before arriving at the park – in Bourail for example. Suggestion n°2 - Excursion in Sarraméa. There are a number of activities available to you in Sarraméa: treks on a quad bike or horse ride, visit the Fonwhary orchard (booking necessary – not included), swim at the Trou Feuillet (Feuillet swimming hole). You can have lunch at La Foa or at Mamie Fogliani’s guest house in Farino (advance booking necessary – not included in the package). Night at Evasion Hotel (Bungalow)

Day 05: SARRAMEA / NOUMEA (121 km)

Continental breakfast at your hotel. Before leaving, make sure you visit the Feillet swimming hole. It’s a good way to refresh yourself before returning to Nouméa and dropping off your car rental before 6pm. *Travelling timing are for reference only.

North province of New Caledonia

North province of New Caledonia

The Northern Province is well known for its wild beauty, scenery and exciting activities. With this self-drive tour you can enjoy the region in whatever way you wish. You can meet the locals, go diving, hiking or explore the open plains of the west coast, or the tropical waterfalls of the east. Once you’ve got your own set of wheels, all you need to do is head out and explore.
LaCity Travel - Traveller Tips for New Caledonia

GEOGRAPHY: New Caledonia is located 21° South, 165° degrees East, and lies just North of the Tropic of Capricorn.   

VISAS: New Caledonia tourist visa is not required for citizens of Australia for a stay up to 90 days, although you will need to have a return ticket. All passports must be valid for 6 months from the date of the arrival. Some other nationalities may require a visa. For further information please contact the French consulate website or your travel consultant.  

MONEY: 1 AUD = 77.84197 XPF (15/12/2013).As in French Polynesia, the local currency is the French Pacific Franc (CFP or XPF), it is divided into 1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 Franc coins and 500, 10001 5000 and 10000 Franc notes. All banks, are French. Banks operating in New Caledonia include the Banque National de Paris-NC, Banque Calédonienne d’Investissement, (BCI), Banque de Nouvelle Calédonie, Caisse d’Epargne and Société Générale Calédonienne de banque. Banks are open between 8.30am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Most credit cards are accepted (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express not always).   

ELECTRICITY: New Caledonia’s power supply is 220/240 volts, 60Hz 1, 3 phases, 2, 3, 4 wires. The two-pin plugs are the most common.   

CLOTHING: Light, summer-style clothes are appropriate with casual but elegant dress for the evenings. In the cooler months, a sweater or light jacket is recommended.  

CLIMATE / WEATHER: New Caledonia enjoys a semi-tropical climate. The warm season extends from September to March with average temperatures of up to 27 degrees Celsius. The green season from April to August, has average temperatures of around 20 to 23 degrees Celsius.   

TIME DIFFERENCE: Local time in New Caledonia is normally one hour ahead of Australian Eastern Standard Time. During the Daylight Saving Time period, the time in New Caledonia remains one hour ahead of Queensland but is then on the same time as New South Wales and Victoria. New Caledonia is 1 hour behind New Zealand time, and 2 hours during the Daylight Saving.   

LANGUAGE: French is the official language but English is widely spoken. There are 30 different Melanesian dialects. A few phrases in French are always welcomed by the locals.    

ACCOMMODATION: All our hotels have been especially selected. New Caledonia offers a vast array of accommodation optionsfrom 5 star hotels, to luxury apartments, to simple rural lodgings and camping sites.   

FOOD / DRINK: There are numerous fine-dining restaurants stressing French cuisine, along with outdoor dining and snack bars. At night, Nouméa comes alive with an array of nightclubs, bars and discos. Over 140 restaurants serve an array of cuisines including French Provincial, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, West Indian, Mexican, North African and seafood.   

RELIGION: Largely Roman Catholic, then Protestant although such other religions as Mormon, Baha’I, Muslim and Jewish are also represented.   

HISTORY: New Caledonia was settled by the Lapita people about 1500BC, with archeological sites found at Kone and on the Isle of Pines. Captain Cook aboard HMS Resolution, landed in the Bay of Balade on the North-east coast in 1774. He named the archipelago he discovered, New Caledonia in memory of Scotland. In 1853, under the rule of Napoleon III, the island was officially declared French by Admiral Febvrier-Despointes. It became a French Overseas Territory in 1946. During the World War II, New Caledonia became a centre for the US war effort.   

SHOPPING: Thursday in the City markets and the Maison des Artisans are popular places to meet with local artisans and buy their wares. A wide range of French and European goods including high fashion, leather goods, jewellery, perfume and china is available at duty-free prices. Such an extensive range in many shops has led New Caledonia to be known as the Paris of the Pacific. There are about 40 duty-free shops, mainly in the centre of Noumea, offering reductions of up to 30 per cent on regular prices.   

January 1 – New Year's Day 
May 1 – French Labour Day 
July 14 – Bastille Day 
August 15 – Assumption Day 
September 24 – New Caledonia Day 
November 1 – All Saints’ Day 
November 11 – Armistice Day 
December 25/26 – Christmas   

POSTAL SERVICES:OPT (Office des Postes et Télécommunications) offices are located throughout New Caledonia. Offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 7.00am to 3.00pm.    

HEALTH: There is no requirement. However, up-to-date vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis are recommended.   

SAFETY / SECURITY: We advise you to exercise normal safety precautions in New Caledonia. Exercise common sense and look out for suspicious behaviour, as you would in Australia. Cyclone season in New Caledonia is from November to April, however, tropical storms and cyclones may also occur in other months. See under Additional information: Natural disasters, severe weather and climate for further information. Local authorities have declared an epidemic of dengue fever and have issued a health alert for another mosquito-borne disease, chikungunya. Local authorities have dengue fever and chikungunya prevention measures in place.   

MEDICAL SERVICES: The central hospital in Noumea is the Centre Hospitalier Territorial (CHT), with regional hospitals in Koumac and Poindimié. There are also a number of private hospitals and clinics.   

AIRLINES:     International: New Caledonia’s national airline is Aircalin. Other Airlines serving New Caledonia include Air France, Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu and Qantas.                 
Domestic flights are operated by Air Calédonie with regular services from Nouméa to airfields on the island, Isle of Pines and Loyalty Islands.  

INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: La Tontouta (otherwise known as Tontouta International Airport), is 50 kilometres from Noumea.   

TIPPING: None   

TRAVEL INSURANCE: All passengers must have comprehensive travel insurance. You can complete this with LaCity Travel if you wish. Check your Travel Insurance Policy for an Emergency number and details of services to be provided, Carry these details with you.   

Australian Consulate-General, Noumea 
7th Floor, Immeuble Foch
19 Avenue du Maréchal Foch
Telephone (687) 27 24 14
Facsimile (687) 27 80 01

The Deep South is a paradise for hikers, but also for botanists and dreamers. Welcome to the red immensity ... But also the blue and green of the southern Grande Terre: the natural park of the Rivière Bleue (Blue River), the falls of the Madeleine, the Bay of Prony and the ruins of the prison, the drowned forest, the large reefs of the south, the hiking trails of Grande Randonnée, Plaine des Lacs (the Plaines of Lakes). Typical to all major sites, immutable and eternal, every moment of the day, each season, and each time variation alters the vision, the light and the feeling. In these landscapes reminding us of the creation of the world, we find at each step a magnificent flora.
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Life's a beach on Mare, set between towering limestone cliffs and water so blue it looks fake but Mare is a very real place! From the pristine natural environment, to sparkling waters and ancient traditional culture, this is what this getaway dream in Maré is made of. The 7,000 indigenous Kanak people who live on the island have a rich culture that dates back around 40,000 years remaining all but unchanged through the centuries. The magical and mysterious island of Maré is the southern most and highest of the Loyalty Islands. It is the setting for many local myths and legends and just one look at it shows why. Mare is the best kept secret of all New Caledonia's Islands!
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